Program Management

Driving customer value through a collaborative program approach

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Diona’s program management approach draws on over four decades of self-performance and delivery experience servicing the utilities industry across Australia. Over that time, we’ve developed an industry-leading database of cost intelligence, technical knowledge, and construction methodologies.

Self-performing, agile delivery

Managing and delivering a program of works for critical assets in high density, highly pressurised city environments and challenging, regional settings require a partner that can respond quickly to change, whilst ensuring a no surprises, low impact, customer-centric outcome.

Our self-performance capability is what sets Diona apart. Our inhouse design, engineering, project management, delivery, cost control, planning, HSEQ and community and stakeholder engagement teams, add value across the program through an agile, responsive, and collaborative approach.

Engaging early increases customer value

We’ve seen significant benefits realised through early engagement between client and delivery partner. With a whole of program lifecycle view, we work together with our clients to shape the program so the benefits are realised now, and well into the future.

The early contractor involvement and design phases provides the opportunity to for both the client and deliver partner have input into and influence projects much earlier. This gives greater confidence in costs, mitigates risk, and creates opportunities to innovate. As a result, works can be scheduled in way that reduces time on site, increases productivity, and ultimately lowers impact on the community. Over the last number of years, Diona have generated significant returns on investment for our clients through early contractor involvement within our Program Management approach.

Fostering innovation

A long-term program provides a platform to think differently and work differently to drive customer-centric, customer value outcomes. Ideas can be trialled and tested, and if successful, implemented across the program.

Why move to a program model?

The benefits of a collaborative program model are far reaching. From reducing the onerous governance required for procurement of single, competitive contracts to greater visibility on costs and performance through the open book, direct cost contract. The supply chain benefits from surety in the pipeline of work, which sees productivity gains and lower costs. Further, we’ve seen a significant shift in the culture and collaboration between client and contractor – moving from an us versus them, to a one team, solutions driven partnership.

Want to know more?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our program management approach, including the benefits and lessons learnt from our programs with Urban Utilities, SA Water and WaterNSW.

Our suite of services cover:

Program management and advisory including:

  • Design constructability and buildability advice
  • Budget development
  • Estimating
  • Cost control and management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Forecasting
  • Program controls
  • Risk management
  • Change management

  • Project/construction management
  • Design services
  • Digital solutions including fit for purpose, tailored, program management systems to support data driven decision-making
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Health, safety, environment, and quality management
  • Commissioning
  • Expert advice including sustainability and renewables solutions.

Program Management Approach


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