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Our team are leaders in the delivery of geothermal installations having pioneered the commercial roll out of geothermal to residential estates in the Australian market.

Diona's Geothermal Capability

A trusted and experienced team

Our team is the most experienced in the Australian geothermal industry having installed well over 1,500 geothermal systems across multi residential, commercial, retail and education projects. We understand the importance of delivery of quality project outcomes to ensure longevity of installations. We have partnered with industry leaders in equipment manufacture and supply and our team have completed design and installation training with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Drilling and Geothermal Loop Installation

The Diona fleet of geothermal drilling rigs are purpose built for geothermal applications. Our rigs are equipped for productivity regardless of ground conditions. With duplex head systems, our rigs can install retractable lead casing in unstable grounds. We choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution to suit ground conditions.

Environmental Management

Our site management processes ensure high quality environmental outcomes. We assess site needs and adopt controls methodology to suite specific requirements. We ensure that we comply with all necessary environmental regulations and controls and manage sites to avoid disruptions.

Safety and Quality

Safety is our first consideration in everything we do. At the centre of every project we deliver is a commitment to the health and safety of the entire project team, the broader community, and the environment.

At Diona safety is not part of our culture; it is our culture. Within each Calibre Diona business, no meeting ever starts without a safety moment. These simple outtakes ensure safety is embedded ‘as the way we do thing.

The key to the quality of our work is our Integrated Management System (DIMS), with ISO 9001:2015 certification. Coupled with Diona’s 40 years of experience, our IMS allows us to easily determine the best approach for achieving a quality outcome, on time and to budget.


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