St Marys Wastewater Central Precinct

Sydney Water

Jordan Springs East - Central Precinct Area

Diona was engaged by Sydney Water to undertake the design and construction of new wastewater services and sewerage pump station for the rapidly growing Jordan Springs Central Precinct Development, facilitating over 1,900 residential dwellings.

St Marys Wastewater Central Precinct

The project’s scope of works was made up in two stages. Stage one included the design and construction of trunk sewer assets including 1.1 kilometres of gravity and overflow mains, 780 metres of sewer pressure main piping, fifteen manholes and various other sewer structures. Stage two of the project was the design and construction of sewerage pumping station, including the construction of a 12 metre deep cast in-situ wet well, 10 metre inlet maintenance hole and piping, valve chamber, mechanical fit out and various other appurtenances.

The trunk assets consisted of a gravity main, rising main and ERS overflow inclusive of the following works:

  • 600 metres of DN375 & DN300 PVC deep gravity sewer line with a total of 12 manholes structures, shafts and vent shafts;
  • 780 metres of DN225 PE pressure main, including a 40-metre-long concrete encased creek crossing and flushing and scour arrangements; and
  • 480 metres of DN375 PVC gravity overflow line from the pump station.

The wastewater pump station consisted of an in ground wet well utilising two fixed speed submersible pumping units, an above ground kiosk to house electrical equipment and an in-ground valve chamber and electrical equipment. Project works were inclusive of the following:

  • 12-metre-deep wet well (3.6m diameter) cast in-situ; and 10-metre-deep inlet maintenance hole (IMH) cast in-situ;
  • 40 metre installation of 10 metre deep DN300 gravity main extending outside the pump station to link to future lead-in lines;
  • Valve chamber construction cover and hatch arrangement, with associated valves and pipework;
  • Concrete access road and kerbing and concrete hardstand area;
  • Various pump station appurtenances including interconnecting pipework, vent shafts, electrical pits and conduits, electrical kiosk, water main, storm water, RPZD, by-pass arrangements and air value pits; and
  • Fencing and landscaping of pump station area and perimeter.

During the project, numerous challenges were encountered and successfully and safely overcome. One of the most challenging aspects of the project was excavating a 12-metre-deep shaft to install the pump station wet well. Excavation footprints, plant capacity and lifting analysis, shoring pressure analysis, access and egress, along with thorough project planning, permitted these challenges to be successfully overcome.

Construction of a deep pump station involves many high-risk works activities from deep excavation shafts, confined space manholes, various heavy plant and machinery onsite. Safety was the first priority at all times. Diona went above and beyond in the development of a safe workplace culture and high-risks tasks were successfully completed thanks to thorough and detailed planning.

Major achievements include:

  • 2019 NSW CCF Earth Awards Category 3 Project Finalist;
  • Achieved commercial targets and overcame all technical challenges with projected completion ahead of schedule;
  • Developed strong client relationship with a high level of satisfaction with the project works;
  • Received Lendlease Recognising Initiative of Safety Excellence (RISE) award - valuing leadership in safety;
  • Rated the highest safety compliant site in the Western Sydney region for six consecutive months by Sydney Water; and
  • Zero lost time injuries.

    Diona’s team was an excellent team. The team’s communication was open and transparent. Team also showed extra care and adherence to SWC processes and procedures especially the safety procedures. Overall, it was a very successful project.
    F. Alhyari, Project Manager, Sydney Water


    • Category 3 – 2019 CCF NSW Earth Award Finalist
    • Recognising Initiative of Safety Excellence (RISE) from Lendlease Communities NSW


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