Singleton Town Centre Upgrade

Singleton Council

Singleton, New South Wales, Australia

Singleton Council had an ambitious goal to revitalise Singleton’s town centre by rebuilding and upgrading the entire main street, from underground services to seating—all while the adjoining businesses remained open and accessible. They set a tight timeframe and exacting standards, and required a range of specialised materials and skills. Works had to be meticulously planned and staged to minimise traffic disruption.

Singleton Town Centre Revitalisation Part II

As a result of impeccable planning, focus on quality and detailed inspections and tests, the constructed works exceeded the Council’s expectations. Diona delivered the new town centre in eight months, on schedule and under budget.

Works included:

  • Demolition of over 1.5km existing kerb and gutter, plus more than 7,000m2 existing pedestrian pavement
  • 750m new stormwater drainage pipes ranging in size from 100mm to 375mm
  • 48 in-situ stormwater pits
  • Over 4km of conduits (street lighting, communications plus spare power supply conduits)
  • 1.2km of new concrete gutter
  • 1.6km of special cut bluestone kerbs
  • More than 7,000m2 various new pedestrian pavement (consisting of various stone materials)
  • 800m2 of vehicular trafficked ‘raised cobble crossings’

Following the town’s revitalisation, the region has experienced a boost in commerce with the vibrant new town centre attracting trade from locals, and nearby towns. The high quality of the materials and workmanship will deliver ongoing benefits, in the form of increased safety, durability and reduced maintenance costs, while the custom designed furniture and light poles, complemented by new paving, kerbs, gardens, and trees creates a very appealing streetscape and gives Singleton a unique identity and feel.