Rochedale Water Infrastructure Upgrade

Queensland Urban Utilities

Brisbane, Australia

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) selected Diona to upgrade six and half kilometres of the water supply network in Rochedale to provide service capacity and security of supply to support future growth in the outer southern suburbs of Brisbane.

Rochedale Water Infrastructure Upgrade

Diona’s scope of works included trunk main installation of supply pipelines and network augmentation. The upgrade involves the construction of two, five mega-litre potable water reservoirs, supply pipelines, booster pump station, water disinfection dosing station and augmentation to the existing network to form a separate Rochedale Reservoir Supply Zone.

Community and stakeholder engagement was key to the successful management of live traffic, pedestrians and residents with constant community updates. Where required, Diona provided detailed planning and co-ordination of resources including additional crews to meet targets and be more efficient with complex live cutovers to the existing network. To improve efficiencies and reduce the impact on the community, Diona had several crews working 24 hours, including night shift crews focused on deep trenching at a number of busy intersections.

Diona’s local knowledge and history of work on similar trunk mains for QUU has contributed to the project’s success.

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