Prospect to Macarthur – Package 9 - Community Engagement

Acciona and Sydney Water

Cecil Hills, NSW

Diona recently completed the install of 1.95km of new water main in Cecil Hills. This project will ensure existing and future customers in South West Sydney continue to have reliable access to clean drinking water.

From the start of the project, Diona engaged with the Cecil Hills local community to keep them informed and up to date of our works. Working within close proximity to childcare centres, children in the area have shown a keen interest in the big machines that are moving up and down their street, and the many people that are wearing bright coloured vests.

Midway through the project, the Diona project team decided to hold an excursion for two childcare centres in Cecil Hills; Toddlers & Co Early Learning Centre and Cecil Hills Early Education and Care Centre. This excursion allowed the children to see and hear, first-hand, the big machines and trucks in action. The Diona project team also provided the children with their very own hi-vis vests that they could wear while out watching the machines – just like the workers!

The morning was a success and the children were finally able to interact with the workers, ask questions, and view and hear the noises generated from the trucks and machinery!

We were very impressed with how the team is managing the local traffic, access to residences, the day care centre and shopping centre. This is arguably one of the most challenging locations across the entire ProMac program of works.
Program Director, SWDP Acciona


  • ProMac Excellence Awards – June 2021. Awarded for construction and community management in a high-density residential area


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