Pennant Hills Road & Marsden Road Intersection Upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Diona was engaged to undertake the extension of the southbound bus lane on Pennant Hills Road to beyond the intersection with Marsden Road.

To improve traffic flow in peak times, including public transport, an extension of a bus lane and left-hand turn lane from Marsden Road onto Pennant Hills Road was required. The modifications to the road layout also added length to the northbound right-hand turn lane from Pennant Hills Road onto Marsden Road.

This project proved to be a technical and logistical challenge from start to finish. The boundary of the construction area extended out to include a section of a public park. The first stage was to develop a Pedestrian Management Plan, and install temporary walkways to divert pedestrian movement around the works.

New street lighting was installed along with the conduit and cabling. New 150 millimetre and 250 millimetre water mains were also installed along the new footpath alignment, as well as new conduits and pits to supply new traffic signals. New electric poles had to be erected, with the old ones to be removed and overhead cables and connections made to suit the new poles.

Due to the changed design of the road, new stormwater drainage had to be installed in both the centre of Pennant Hills Road, and on the left-hand side starting on Marsden Road. New intra-pavement drainage and sub-soil drainage also had to be installed. The repositioning of the road layout and lane widening meant new kerbs had to be constructed, along with new footpaths and median.

The final stage of the works were to complete the repositioning of traffic signals, asphalt works and line marking. The asphalt works required to have some areas regulated with AC20 and other areas milled and re-sheeted.

Main tasks included:

  • Provision of all traffic and pedestrian management
  • Demolition and bulk excavation
  • Underground service relocations
  • Installation of stormwater drainage and pits
  • Construction of new kerb, footpath, laybacks, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian islands and medians
  • Construction of new road pavement
  • Installation of AC20 regulating course
  • Mill and re-sheet 45 millimetres of AC14 wearing course and new line marking
  • Installation of new and relocation of traffic signals.

The most challenging part to the project was managing the volume of work that had to be undertaken on each night shift within the tight time constrains of the ROLs. Every step of each task had to be broken down into the elements and assigned to the workforce prior to starting each shift. This required excellent management and foresight from the Diona team to have a contingency in place to cover every eventuality of the works. It was paramount to have the road open on time in a safe condition for the traffic each morning.

Diona delivered significant results by completing the project in a tight timeframe, in a safe manner and with minimal disruption. There were various additional work items added by the client to the scope of works that Diona had to incorporate into the program. These works were done at an accelerated rate without any compromise to safety or quality. With the completion of the project, commuters now appreciate a smoother flow of traffic through the intersection, and public transport passes the area during peak times uninterrupted with a new extended bus lane.