Peakhurst Substation


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Diona was contracted by Ausgrid to complete the construction of a new switch room and associated civil works at their existing substation at Peakhurst in New South Wales.

Zone substations such as the Peakhurst substation are part of the power supply chain that delivers power from where it is generated to electricity users. Electricity comes into a substation at high voltage (in this case 132kV) and is converted to 33kV for distribution to the community.

As this existing substation has been in operation for about 50 years, it required an upgrade, and once constructed, the equipment will gradually be switched over and the old substation decommissioned.

Diona's scope of works involved the civil and structural work including:

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Concrete FRP construction of basement as well as a 100 m long retaining wall, varying in height between one metre and three metres
  • Structural steelwork erection
  • Internal and external brickwork and cladding
  • Internal fit out including electrical, cable tray, earthing, ventilation, fire and security systems
  • Supply and installation of all fire doors, roller doors, fencing and painting of the internal structure
  • Conduit trenching and installation around the existing live substation services including joint bays and transformer connections into the existing substation (circa three kilometres)
  • Diversion of services around the site including storm water, fire and oil containment
  • Cable hauling and installation
  • Final trim and landscaping works.

Diona, as an experienced civil engineering contractor, has the skillset to self-deliver the majority of this type of project. This provides our clients an attractive one stop solution for the project delivery.

As always our strong safety culture is at the core of what we do, and using the experience in substation maintenance, our site management team had the correct skillset to train and carefully sequence the works around the live services, and ensure that the works were delivered in a safe and careful manner whilst ensuring that the impact on community and customers is minimal.

Construction tasks had to be carefully planned on the site with an experienced Diona excavation and building crews at the core of all tasks being completed. Diona provided key engineering solutions to Ausgrid with multiple RFIs and design documents being planned ahead of time.

A critical component of the construction has been the successful installation of the switchgear mounting steelwork, which required to be installed to a tolerance of +/- 1 mm. Forward planning and resourcing were key in minimising disruption to Ausgrid while achieving and bettering project milestones.


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