Parramatta Light Rail Enabling Works

Transport for NSW

Parramatta, NSW

Parramatta Light Rail is a significant infrastructure project for the NSW Government that will provide accessible public transport to the heart of one of Sydney’s largest CBD areas.

As one of Transport for NSW’s (TfNSW) delivery partners for the enabling works, Diona undertook the relocation and installation of utilities, including changes and upgrades to the existing road network. The relocation and upgrade of utilities provides long term benefits to the local community through increased efficiency, reliability, safety, sustainability and reduced lifecycle costs.

Solutions focused

As a design and construction contract, the Diona team needed to be solutions focused throughout the project. Diona leveraged our existing relationships with the key utilities owners to deliver the best solution for the project and their needs. Up to 15 crews worked day and night to complete the scope and achieve program schedule.

Project achieves Excellent IS As-Built Rating from ISCA

The Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) Enabling Works project achieved an “Excellent” IS As-Built rating under the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) rating scheme. This rating resulted from a score of 60.54 points which exceeded contract requirements. Find out more here.


Works encompassed the following:

  • Installation of:
    • 915 metres of water pipe
    • 290 metres of gas main
    • 630 metres of electrical conduits
    • 490 metres of communication conduits
    • 14 new electrical poles and streetlights
    • 12 communication pits
  • Removed 12 electrical poles and streetlights
  • Pulled 650 metres of communication cables through new and existing conduits
  • Utilities were either relocated or installed from 800mm to 4 metres deep under the road surfaces
  • Ground conditions varied from very wet where water needed to be drained through to rock and hard shale which made excavation challenging
  • Methods used
    • Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) excavation using a vac truck
    • Trenching
    • Shoring for deep excavations
    • Underboring for sections of watermain installation
    • Overhead communications and power installations

Stakeholder Engagement

With over 9,000 directly impacted stakeholders, Diona’s Community Relations team’s proactive communication with the local community was critical to the project’s success.

Diona collaborated with TfNSW and other external contractors throughout the project which included:

  • Attending Communications Management Control Groups with other PLR contractors
  • Site walkovers to provide updates of construction activities
  • Out of hours working groups meetings
  • Attending and presenting at Business Reference Group gatherings
  • Leading and attending traffic control group meetings
  • Participation in TfNSW pop ups and public information sessions
  • Working with Bankwest Stadium and their contractor Lendlease to liaise construction activities and opening timeframes.

The community team achieved the following:

  • 1288 door knocks
  • 100 meetings with stakeholders held
  • 144 calling cards and letterbox deliveries
  • Attendance at 8 pop-ups/public information sessions
  • Walked over 8,000 kilometres completing door knocks, letter box and calling card deliveries and stakeholder meetings.

Weekend shutdowns

Approved weekend shutdowns in North Parramatta benefitted the project as large amounts of work could be completed in a short amount of time. This saved on mobilisation times and increased crew numbers, which in turn sped up construction activities and reduced impact on residents and businesses.

Managing works during COVID-19

The extended construction work hours rule that was introduced by the NSW Government during COVID-19 were utilised to help fast-track construction activities and the overall program. The team adjusted the methodology for how concrete medians were formed to increase productivity. This change reduced construction time from 3-4 weeks to 1 week.

Photos courtesy of TfNSW