Mudgeeraba Water Treatment Plant – Pipework Reconfiguration

SEQ Water

Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia

Diona designed and constructed a cross connection between two reservoirs at a water treatment plant at Mudgeeraba. This work was carried out during a planned 14-day plant shutdown. The project also included electrical works, and reconfiguration of SCADA (computerised control system). During the shutdown, the Gold Coast area relied on the desalination plant for drinking water.

This design and construct project involved the detail design of a new pipeline, and electrical reconfiguration.

The tight schedule imposed by the 14-day shutdown heightened the risks and challenges for this project. Diona had guaranteed that the work would start on time and be completed by the end of the shutdown. To meet this program, our team started the design, site investigations, and construction of material at the same time. All queries had to be dealt with promptly and accurately, and we ensured our designers and pipe suppliers were 100% committed to our program.

Due to the remote location, the community was not directly affected. All heavy construction traffic was in daytime hours.

Diona completed this project within the agreed shutdown period, avoiding the need to operate the costly desalination plant for any additional time. The desalination plant had not been operated since constructed in 2008. This project provided an opportunity for SEQ water and Gold Coast City Council to confirm the plant could operate and maintain demand—which it did.