Marburg Range Repair Project

APA Group

Marburg, Queensland, Australia

The Marburg Range Repair Project involved the installation, testing and commissioning of two new sections of the Roma to Brisbane DN250 and DN400 high pressure gas pipelines via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and open trenching techniques.

This work was required in order to replace damaged sections of the pipeline caused by the 2011 floods, which exposed and damaged the pipelines through the Marburg Range.

Diona was engaged as principal contractor to design, construct and commission the two new gas line installations, including hot tap connections, decommissioning redundant sections and removing all temporary bypass systems.

The two horizontal directional drill (HDD) sections were installed utilising a 250t Herrenknecht HDD rig in a parallel alignment offset from the existing live mains. Each drill was approximately 820m in length at a depth of approximately 100m below the peak of the Marburg Range.

Diona worked in collaboration with APA to ensure works were completed as safely and efficiently as possible, whilst maintaining critical gas feeds throughout construction

There were a number of high risk elements in this project, which were managed through innovative engineering processes, including construction above and adjacent to existing live gas mains, limited access and egress across the Marburg Range, bulk earthworks to facilitate construction, and deep excavation for connections.