Literature Lane Gas Main Relocation

APA Group and Cross Yarra Partnership

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Diona, on behalf of APA, worked closely with the Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) to ensure the Literature Lane Gas Main Relocation was delivered on time, ensuring no delays to the CYP project.

Diona was engaged to install a 110 metre long, 50 millimetre diameter steel main in Literature Lane within Melbourne’s central business district.

The installed main was required to replace an existing main that was decommissioned to facilitate the construction of the new State Library Station being undertaken for the Metro Tunnel.

Diona completed the works within the proposed program, thus ensuring delays to the construction of the rail station did not occur. This project was Diona’s first opportunity to work in the CBD of Melbourne. Using the experience gained from working in similar locations in Sydney and Adelaide, Diona were able to successfully deliver this challenging project.

Diona was faced with a major challenge on this project when bones were discovered during the excavation activities. Diona immediately shut down operations on-site and contacted the relevant authorities. The site was then treated as a crime scene until it was established that the bones were animal, and not human remains. Diona received a commendation from the Client, and the head contractor CYP, on the way Diona’s Site Supervisor and Engineer handled the situation.


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