Johnstons Creek Naturalisation Project

Sydney Water

Diona is renewing the Johnstons Creek stormwater channel to create a revitalised and healthy waterway that the local community can enjoy.

Johnstons Creek Timelapse

Owned and managed by Sydney Water, Johnstons Creek is a concrete stormwater channel constructed in 1898 and one of Sydney’s earliest purpose-built stormwater drains. This is the second naturalisation project that Diona has undertaken for Sydney Water, having completed the award-winning Powells Creek project in 2018.

Johnstons Creek is located within the local government area (LGA) of City of Sydney, adjacent to Inner West Council and is close to the City West Link. The work area includes Jubilee Oval, Bicentennial Park, Federal Park and Harold Park; which provide an important recreation opportunity for visitors, sport groups and the local community.

Diona has been awarded the contract to naturalise and renew Johnstons Creek which involves:

  • replacing the concrete base of the stormwater channel;
  • removing the old concrete walls of the stormwater channel and replacing with stabilised banks with native plants, trees and sandstone rocks;
  • expanding the salt marsh;
  • building natural stormwater treatment area (wetland);
  • footbridge replacement; and
  • a two year post construction maintenance period.

The key objectives of this project are to:

  • improve the stability of the banks and bed of the creek;
  • increase the amount and quality of habitat for local native plants and wildlife contributing to building a special place for the community and visitors to enjoy;
  • improve the health of waterway by creating a natural planted stormwater system (wetland); and
  • maintain continuous access for the multitude of users of the parkland during our construction works.

In late November 2019, Diona and Sydney Water hosted a successful community open day which resulted in positive feedback, welcoming the naturalisation works.

Diona began works in January 2020 and expect to finish in mid-2021. Work is progressing slowly due to weather conditions and constraints of undertaking construction in a tidal environment.

For more information, contact Diona’s community relations team on 1300 131338, email [email protected] or visit sydneywatertalk/johnstonscreek.

Image Credits: Artist impression and designs provided by Sydney Water.


Key Services:


  • Place-based Collaboration Award at the 2021 Greater Sydney Planning Awards


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