Hay Street Substation

Acciona Infrastructure Australia

Hay Street, Sydney CBD, New South Wales

Diona was engaged to construct the Hay Street substation to power the Sydney Light Rail throughout the CBD. The Hay Street substation is a critical component of the light rail network and Diona has helped to ensure Sydney’s commuters benefit from light rail transport powered by a modern and reliable energy source.

The Hay Street substation is one of 11 being constructed across the 12 kilometre light rail route and is critical for the operation of the light rail throughout the Sydney CBD.

The substation consisted of a basement, Ausgrid room, cable management level, Alstom equipment level and a roof level. The site footprint was extremely small, measuring 16 metres long by 8.2 metres wide, requiring the building to be constructed over five levels. Fifteen metre high walls were constructed within a compact work site. As this substation was being constructed in the CBD the site was extremely tight and there was minimal clearance to the adjacent buildings.

The construction of the Hay Street substation was a challenging and complex project and various stakeholders, including Acciona, Ausgrid, Alstom, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and City of Sydney, were relying on its successful completion.

The Diona project team was not daunted by the high-profile nature of the project, and quickly established excellent working relationships with all stakeholders by proactively resolving design issues prior to each stage of production. The main concerns over the restricted confines of the site were addressed early in the project with a self-erecting crane used to install all the formwork during the FRP of the structure.

The team also addressed the 100mm clearance between the adjacent structure by designing a special outer formwork shutter panel. This allowed the clearance to be achieved to the north of the structure on each level. The most critical area of the substation was the level where the Alstom equipment operating the light rail carriages was being housed. When constructing this level the concrete slab needed to be poured to a tolerance of +/- 1mm to enable the equipment to be installed correctly.

The Diona team also had to navigate the challenges of working within a heavily congested part of the CBD surrounded by various heritage buildings and nearby businesses requiring access and parking around the work site.

The substation was successfully completed within budget with minimal construction and project delays, enabling the Sydney Light Rail project to move onto other zones.

The successful completion of the Hay Street substation demonstrates Diona’s ability to undertake technically complex, multifaceted projects within challenging environments.

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