Gresford Road Bridge Over Glendon Brook

Singleton Council

Mitchells Flat, New South Wales, Australia

Gresford Road and the bridge over Glendon Brook are located approximately 10km east of Singleton. The bridge over Glendon Brook was designed in 1941 and built circa 1945. Severe flooding caused significant damage to the (western) bridge abutment and (western) road approach, resulting in complete closure of Gresford Road and the bridge over Glendon Brook. As a result of the storm damage, Council received funding from the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) to reinstate the bridge and Gresford Road.

Diona was engaged for the repair/upgrade to the western embankment of Glendon Brook, the western bridge abutment and western road approach. Works included detailed design of remediation works, abutment backfill and scour protection, and installation of linemarking, signage and guardrail.

Diona overcame a number of challenges to deliver outstanding results and completing the project in a tight timeframe, with the road opening to traffic two weeks ahead of schedule. In addition to the tight timeframe, challenges encountered were inclement weather, access and getting materials to the bottom of the bridge abutment, and working adjacent to the watercourse and ensuring no pollutants or sediment entered it.