Elara Estate: Western & Northern Gravity Sewer Lead-Ins & Sewer System Works


Marsden Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Two major deep gravity sewer lead-ins were required to connect over 2,000 proposed residential dwellings and future community facilities at Stockland’s Elara Estate. After successfully delivering the Western Deep Gravity Sewer Lead-in, pipeline and manhole construction for the Elara Estate, Diona was engaged to also construct the challenging Northern Gravity Sewer Lead-In. Additional works associated with the Elara Estate sewer system involved construction of a temporary sewer storage, pumping and overflow system.

Elara Estate at Marsden Park will accommodate over 2,000 residential homes, shopping centres, schools and various community centres and facilities. New sewerage systems were required to connect and carry wastewater to a newly constructed pump station. Works included:

  • Installation of approximately 3.3km of GRP, and PVC sewer pipeline through open cut trenching and micro-tunnelling methods
  • Excavation, construction and backfill of manhole shafts ranging from depths of 4.5 – 16.5m, and open cut trenching and pipe installation to depths up to 14m
  • Construction of 44 sewerage structures inclusive of square and round cast in-situ maintenance structures, maintenance shafts, vent-shafts shafts, with the addition of numerous future property, business and sewer system connections
  • Restoration and re-instatement works for future residential and community dwelling developments

As the vast scale of the residential development required a sewer protection system, our team additionally undertook conduit and high voltage cable installation to sewerage pump station, and gravity sewer in-line storage and manhole pumping system.

The successful project completion delivers essential major assets, providing critical, timely development connections and services for the Elara Estate and wider community.