Eastern Creek Gravity Sewer Extension

Calibre and Jacfin Pty Ltd

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Diona was engaged by Calibre (who provided construction consultancy and management) to construct a deep gravity sewer extension in Eastern Creek for private development company Jacfin Pty Ltd. This work facilitated future connection to the existing Sydney Water sewerage system for businesses and developments proposed on Old Wallgrove Road and surrounding areas. 

From initial tender stages, through until project handover and completion, a reliable and trustworthy relationship was established and maintained between Calibre and Diona.

As Diona’s first project constructed for Calibre, the successful timely completion, quality standard and safe project delivery established a dynamic, positive client and contractor relationship. The project’s outcomes demonstrate that through collaborating, Diona and Calibre are able to amplify utility networks in an efficient, high quality and safe manner to meet the needs of businesses such as Jacfin Pty Ltd.

Scope of works included:

  • Installation of approximately 800mm of DN300 GRP sewer pipe through open cut and micro-tunnelling methods
  • Excavation and backfill of manhole shafts ranging from depths of 4.5 – 13.5m, and open cut trenching and pipe installation to depths up to 9m
  • Deep excavations in close proximity to surrounding structures, fence-lines and major industrial roadways, with implementation of numerous high risk work controls
  • Construction of various cast in-situ maintenance structures, maintenance shafts, terminal maintenance shafts, with the addition of numerous future property, business and sewer system connections
  • Restoration and reinstatement of paddocks areas to return to original farming land prior to future land developments