Colongra Lateral Pipeline


Doyalson, New South Wales, Australia

Valued at over $21 million, the Colongra Lateral Pipeline project established Diona as a leader in gas pipeline construction.

The project involved the installation of 9km of 1,067mm diameter pipe with wall thicknesses of between 24, 27, and 30mm. Constructed of X70 high carbon steel, this pipeline is the largest diameter storage vessel pipeline constructed in Australia. Many of the components and materials required were not available within Australia and required outsourcing from America, Canada, Europe and Asia.

An Australian first

The pipeline was designed as a storage vessel, requiring the pipeline to cater for varied pressures up to 15,000kPA for over 4000 cycles – this was a first in Australia and possibly worldwide. The set-up for this 9km installation took quite a significant amount of time. Diona adapted to this challenge using the most cost-effective method possible for the client.

Providing cost-effective alternatives

During the tender submission, Diona provided an alternative bid to remove 500m of swamp and later fill the void with a suitable material which enabled the large equipment to work effectively and provide additional security to the pipeline. This would allow the pipe to be installed within the fill embankment, which the client took on as the most cost-effective and safe option. Along with this, Diona provided the client with the alternative alignments to improve the cost effectiveness of the construction solution.


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