Chetwynd Street Lift Pump Station Civil & Mechanical Works

Logan Water Alliance

Loganholme, Queensland, Australia

Logan Water Alliance contracted Diona for two main tasks at the Chetwynd Street Pump Station—upgrading the existing pipework in the dry well to increase the pumping capacity, and inspecting the wet well to determine if it required any maintenance or repairs.

There were various risks and challenges on this project such as depth, engulfment, confined space, trapped gas, weather, and working in a live sewer environment. Additionally, the major environmental risk was sewer overflow during a shutdown. Our crew and management were aware of the maximum levels that the sewer could rise to within the gravity system before it overflowed into the waterways.

A high degree of cooperation was required to get this job across the line. Diona’s construction ideas, and the safety processes developed with the crew and client, ensured the project could be completed. The client was able to safely undertake a full survey and inspection of the wet well. There was no harm to the environment during construction. The interim operation plan (IOP) was set up and managed to ensure there would be no sewer overflow.

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