Chambers Flat Pump Station

Logan Water Alliance and Downer

Chambers Flat, Queensland, Australia

Diona was engaged to construct a new wet well and pump station beside the existing pump station at Chambers Flat. This was one of the deepest pump stations constructed by our Queensland team.

Meticulous planning and smart deployment of resources was crucial to the success of this project as the project involved a number of challenges, including a constrained site, flooding, close neighbours, safety risks, and complex engineering.

Providing solutions

As access and spaced were limited to two sides of the excavation, our team implemented a self-erecting crane to be operated by the formwork foreman. This proved to be efficient, low-cost and very effective.

As the excavation was close to two houses and the existing pump station, minimising noise and vibration caused by sheet pile installation was essential.

This was achieved by predrilling the holes on the sheet pile alignment. Each building had a vibration monitor attached, which would send an alert to the project manager if vibration levels reached a pre-set threshold. This meant that any issues could be resolved well before any risk of structure damage.

As the site was at a low point with no drainage, flooding was a constant factor. Plant and equipment were removed from the excavation at the end of each shift to avoid damage.

Despite a number of challenges, our team delivered the pump station on time, within budget, and with no significant safety or environmental issues.

In 2016, the project received a Queensland Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Earth Award for its excellence in civil construction.

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  • 2016 Queensland Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Earth Awards – $1M-5M Project Value category


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