Brisbane CBD Mains Renewal

Urban Utilities

Brisbane, Qld

Diona is the Urban Utilities Delivery Partner for design and construction for the Water Northern Zone Program. This Program of works is comprised of packages of similar works. The most significant package of work in the first year of the Program was the Mains Renewal in Brisbane CBD.

Brisbane CBD Main Renewal Project

Diona delivered this highly complex package of works which included replacing over 1km of up to 100-year-old mains within four major inner-city streets - Charlotte Street, Creek Street, Coronation Drive and Tank Street. The experience, heart and soul that went into planning, design and engagement saved the client $1.3m and resulted in zero unavoidable complaints after working for 106 nights with 30 water isolations and 3,000 impacted customers. The project was delivered safely, on time and on budget whilst managing 27 major changes from unexpected events. Diona’s customer-centric, one-team, innovative approach means a higher performing water network in the heart of Brisbane for decades to come.


  • Winner: CCF National Awards Category 2: Project Value $2-5m
  • Winner: CCF QLD Award Category 2: Project Value $2-5m
  • Finalist: IPWEA Queensland (IPWEAQ) Excellence Awards.


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