Beecroft and Carlingford Roads Intersection Upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The project involved the relocation of underground and overground services to enable the upgrade of the intersection of Beecroft Road and Carlingford Road in Epping.

The upgrade of the Carlingford Road and Beecroft Road intersection at Epping was required to reduce traffic congestion in the area during peak hour, caused by the queuing of southbound vehicles turning right into Carlingford Road.

Diona was engaged to relocate the existing Sydney Water pipework, Endeavour Energy street lighting, Ausgrid street lighting and underground LV cables, and upgrade and modify the 66kV Ausgrid network adjacent to the intersection.

To achieve the intersection upgrade, the scope included:

  • Clearing and grubbing of trees and vegetation removal
  • Widening of Beecroft Road at the intersection to provide an additional right turn lane from Beecroft Road (southbound) into Carlingford Road, and an additional through lane (southbound) on Beecroft Road
  • Modification of left turn slip lane - Carlingford Road to Beecroft Road
  • Adjustment of the property boundary for property acquisition from the 7-Eleven Service Station as a result of the upgrade works
  • Modification of the stormwater drainage network in the vicinity of the proposed works to improve flow widths
  • Construction of a retaining wall design adjacent to the rail embankment on the east side of Beecroft Road
  • Relocation of existing utilities, including street lighting and high voltage power lines to suit the proposed works
  • Related relocation of signage and linemarking
  • Relocation of existing traffic signal assets affected by the works
  • Construction of flexible pavements
  • Revegetation and landscaping

Diona successfully delivered the upgrade of the intersection which will result in reduced traffic congestion in the area during peak hour. The project was carried out with minimal disruption to the community.