Bald Hills to Carseldine 275kV Cable Upgrade

Taihan Aust/Powerlink

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

In response to increasing demands for electricity in South East Queensland, Diona was engaged to deliver an electricity cable instalment project. The electricity upgrade included 2.2km of 275kV cable. Due to the insufficient space for additional overhead cable lines, the cable route was installed underground. Diona’s skill in handling cable installations, particularly in regards to community issues and safety were required for these works.

The project was to design and construct (D&C), with the client relying on Diona’s expertise to provide the best construction methods, practices and value for money.

Construction included works in residential streets, and easements next to private property and industrial/commercial carparks, all of which involved consultation and negotiation with residents and stakeholders.

Due to the cable’s large size and expense Diona crew members had no room for error during the cable pull. Sourcing this cable required a huge lead in time.

The project was delivered on time, despite delays due to a lack of cable and delivery suspensions. Powerlink had a very high regard for the community, requiring Diona to be responsive and proactive to prevent any issues. 



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