Asset Renewals and Replacement Program


New South Wales

WaterNSW engaged The Diona Partnership (a partnering agreement led by Diona Pty Ltd) as a Construction Partner to deliver the five-year Asset Renewals and Replacement Program.

As New South Wales’ largest bulk water supplier, WaterNSW operates the state’s dam and river systems and network of facilities and systems. To keep this essential infrastructure maintained and operating efficiently, WaterNSW has engaged engineering and construction partners on a five-year, $80 million dollar program.

The Diona Partnership brings together the constructability expertise, program management experience, and delivery capability of Diona with the specialist technical services of strategic partners to provide the maximum discipline and geographical coverage. This long-term collaborative partnering model will drive efficiencies across the network and program lifecycle, and support WaterNSW in achieving their objectives of safe, prudent, efficient, value for money outcomes to support current and future community needs.

With WaterNSW’s footprint extending across regional New South Wales, this program will create new opportunities for local people and businesses bringing economic and social benefits for the community.

Diona has delivered water utility services to the New South Wales market for over 35 years and this new contract builds on Diona’s reputation as a leading utility services partner.