Albert Street Gas Insertion

APA Group

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The gas supply in the Brisbane CBD required upgrading to provide a more efficient service to customers and the potential for APA to provide more gas in the future. Diona completed a medium pressure gas insertion project on Albert Street in the Brisbane CBD. This highly complex project consisted of 482m of PE 90 insertion into cast iron main. It was completed within a six-week period and included upgrading of six services.

Some of the key risks presented by the project included traffic and pedestrian management in a highly urbanised area, maintaining customer supply, working on live services and flaring in a densely populated area.

Diona emphasised working with local businesses to minimise disruptions, with traffic management and work plans amended to suit their opening hours.

Despite the risks and challenges presented by the project, our team delivered the project without incident and any customer complaints – an excellent achievement considering the complexity and location of the job.



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