Queensland office recognised as an ecoBiz Star Partner

Diona’s Queensland office is proud to be recognised as an ecoBiz Star Partner. Since joining the program, we have reduced our energy intensity by 31% and more than halved our water use intensity from a 2018-2019 baseline.

Ciaran McAleer, National Environment Manager, said this is a remarkable result for the team who, during the period of assessment, increased productivity and occupancy in the Murarrie office by 39%.

“Using simple, low-cost initiatives such as adjusting the air conditioning timers so they only run when the office is occupied and at pre-set temperatures, using modern energy-efficient IT equipment, ensuring that portions of the office are only illuminated while occupied, and use of water efficient fittings, we’ve achieved very good results. In saying that, reducing the environmental footprint of the office hasn’t happened overnight, but it goes to show that incremental change can have a positive impact.”

ecoBiz is a free program funded by the Queensland Government to support businesses improve their energy, water and waste efficiency.

“Whilst Diona does have inhouse environmental and sustainability professionals, the CCIQ ecoBiz coaching sessions were highly valuable in helping us to validate our efforts and prove that small, simple measures were having an impact while also helping to identify areas for further improvement,” said Ciaran.

According to Chris Arrington, Group Manager Environment & Sustainability (Calibre, Diona and Sevengen), this initiative is one of many the company is working towards as part of a wider sustainability strategy the business will formalise later this year.

“Our Group purpose is enabling communities to thrive, and creating a sustainable business is an important way in which we can play a role in ensuring the liveability of our planet for future generations. We are in the process of getting a baseline for our operations and setting targets to become a more sustainable business,” said Chris.