#BreakTheBias to build a better business

For Haley Lee, Executive General Manager of People and Communications for Diona, International Women’s Day has always been a day of reflection.

“International Women’s Day is a day where we stop, think and reflect on women’s achievements and ask where there are roadblocks to equity and equality of women?

As someone who has worked in the engineering sector for over two decades and is also in an executive leadership role, IWD is an opportunity to also ask myself ‘As a leader, what more can I do?’.”

Calibre Group businesses (which include the Diona, Calibre and Sevengen brands) work predominantly in the infrastructure, engineering, mining, transport and development space. As such, balancing the ratio of male to female staff is a challenge.

At Calibre Group 21% of our employees are women.

“Gender diversity, and in fact all diversity, is an important benchmark for our business,” said Haley.

While the numbers are an important indicator, real change happens when people make a genuine commitment to acknowledging the issue and then pro-actively seeking to change intrenched perceptions and attitudes.

According to Haley behavioural change occurred once unconscious and conscious bias are addressed. And while Covid has been a challenge from a business operational sense, it has certainly forced behavioural change.

“One thing Covid has taught us is that employees want (and need) flexibility. At the same time, our clients are a lot more receptive to flexibility than ever before,” said Haley.

Calibre Group recently released a new Flexible Works Toolkit. The philosophy of this approach is based on three simple tenets.
1. If it works for our clients, the team and the individual then it works for us
2. Internal and external client services remains the priority, and
3. Performance is defined by output and behaviours, not where and when the work takes place.

Haley Lee said that while Calibre Group businesses had always supported flexibility, the approach hasn’t been formalised until recently.

“By formalising and documenting Calibre Group’s approach to flexibility it enables all teams – including our clients - to benefit,” said Haley.