Urban Utilities Program Year in Review - Summary

It’s easy to take clean, healthy, and reliable water supply for granted. We turn on a tap and instantly, water comes out. But behind the scenes there is a team of passionate, dedicated, hardworking people who care about keeping this essential service flowing to our communities. Diona is proud to be a delivery partner for Urban Utilities on the Water North Zones Program. Over the past year, we have replaced nearly 16,000 metres of water main to future proof the supply of water across northern Brisbane and the CBD.

The first year of the program proved the value of a ‘One Team’ approach between Urban Utilities and Diona integrating the program management, ECI, design, commercial, engineering, community engagement, HSEQ and delivery teams to work towards a common goal of prudent, customer-centric project delivery.

We’re all very proud of the results we’ve achieved during this first year as we enable communities to thrive with clean, reliable water.

Keep a lookout for our Program Management series over the next few weeks.