Brisbane 2032

In the midst of a rolling global pandemic, it is difficult to see beyond your front door let alone look forward to 2032. However, for David Middleton, General Manager Water, Power & Energy at Calibre the announcement of Brisbane as the host city for the 2032 Summer Olympics games provides a wealth of opportunities.

“This is a big win for Brisbane and the planet, with the 2032 Games expected to be the first climate positive summer Olympics,” David said.

According to David, the Olympics is a great opportunity to sit down with our clients and rethink the water, power and energy nexus.
“The challenge for the Olympics is clear; to go beyond a zero emissions target and generate carbon savings that exceed the potential negative impacts of the event.”

David is highly motivated by challenging projects, particularly those that require the application of operational technologies and innovative end to end solutions. “Calibre Diona and Sevengen is uniquely placed and excited to play a part in delivering a climate positive Olympics in Brisbane. From the efficient re-purposing of pre-existing buildings to house athletes, application of fuel-efficient and low/zero-emissions vehicles to implementing renewables energy systems to operate major sporting complexes, we are ready to go!” David said.

To learn more about how Calibre Diona SEVENGEN enables communities to thrive, contact David Middleton