Supporting Local Business - AOC Traffic Control

As a champion of both women in the civil construction industry and local business in South Australia, Diona is a proud supporter of AOC Traffic Control (AOCTC).

Established in June 2018, AOCTC is a traffic management company, employing five full-time female traffic controllers across Adelaide. AOCTC is the brainchild of Aoife O’Connell and having worked as a traffic controller with Diona for over seven years, Aoife decided to establish her own traffic management company. Now, twelve months on and Aoife has grown her business significantly with two crews engaged on the CBD Gas Mains Replacement works that Diona is delivering for APA Group. We recently chatted with Aoife about her journey as a new business owner.

Can you tell us about your career journey prior to starting your own business?

“Prior to setting up my own business I worked as a traffic controller for Diona. I was always very ambitious and hard working. After nearly 8 years of working as a traffic controller, I wanted to continue my career progression further. I became very interested in the running of the company I was working for. I love working in construction and I wanted to encourage more females to do the same.”

Why did you start your own business?

“I knew I had the capability of running my own company. I like the thought of managing and organising my own works. I envisioned my team a being strong, professional and reliable providing the best service.

When the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance. This was my time. I acted promptly as I had given this thought on many occasions. I had the industry experience and I was in a good position.

Keeping in mind, I had my full-time job as security my business started off as a side venture. So, financially I was not dependent on the business which lifted the pressure off me from the start.”

Tell us a little about your journey so far as a business owner, what have some of the highlights been.

“My journey so far has been incredible. I feel really lucky. I have a great team of ladies working for me. I have enjoyed learning many different aspects about business and I have taken on many challenges along the way.

Some of my highlights to date would be:

  • I have purchased a second traffic control vehicle;
  • I have hired two additional traffic controllers;
  • Securing current works in the CBD;
  • Branding of company logos on utes and PPE; and
  • Sponsoring the Rose of Tralee.”

What are some of the lessons you have learned as a business owner?

“That it's ok to make mistakes, you will always learn and progress. Interaction and communication are key.”

What do you enjoy most about working in the traffic control industry?

“The challenges it brings at times and I enjoy working outdoors.”

What is it like working on civil construction sites?

“I find it great working on construction sites, I’ve always felt comfortable and its definitely a much more diverse sector now.”

How did Diona support you with starting your business?

“I set up the business in July 2018 and Diona have availed of AOCTC services since the beginning, which has resulted in an ongoing healthy relationship since. They have been a great support for a local small business integrating into the sector and a pleasure to deal with.”

What advice do you have for other women wanting to start their own business?

“Do your research, ask the questions, and trust your own capabilities.”


Aoife O'Connell
[email protected]
P: 0451 004 824