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No career is ever the same, wherever you want to go, we'll help you get there. Your journey starts here!

The Graduate Program is the most important part of your journey with us. It is also a journey in itself. Over two years on your graduate program, you will develop a diverse range of knowledge and skills, gain exposure to different sectors and work environments, and ultimately build up the experience you need for a long and successful career with Diona.

The Graduate Program is a truly integrated experience, combining on-the-job learning, professional and technical training, mentoring and unique development opportunities that will stretch you inside and outside of your core discipline.

As part of the program you will participate in a number of activities, including:

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is designed to make new Graduates feel at home and assist in cultural integration and orientation. The Buddy Program provides Graduates with a point of contact for general queries regarding day-to-day operational issues, such as the location of facilities and relevant company policies. It is designed to help the new employee integrate with the company by providing access to someone who is familiar with the culture, attitude and expectations.

Mentoring Program

We view the Mentoring Program as a partnership and an important part of your learning journey. It is an opportunity to learn from respected professionals in the industry, who can offer you a different point of view.

In the Graduate Program you will have the opportunity to work with a mentor who will assist and guide you. Your mentor for the Graduate Mentoring Program will be chosen from within Diona and Calibre.

Networking Opportunities

All Graduates will be provided with membership to their relevant Professional Association for the duration of the Program which will afford you the opportunity to network with other Engineering Professionals.

Innovation Challenge

Graduates work in Groups to come up with a solution to a real-world challenge/opportunity and develop a business case to bring these innovations to life. The Graduate teams are assigned an executive sponsor to assist throughout the two year challenge.

The Graduate Program has taught me there are many other graduate engineers around Australia that are more than willing to help each other out.
Oliver Hartigan - Former Graduate Program Participant
The Graduate Program has taught me the value of teamwork and collaboration. My team is committed to my professional development, they are very supportive and always willing to lend a hand which has allowed me to develop the skills I need to become a proficient engineer.
Chris Stimson - Former Graduate Program Participant
The Graduate Program has taught me how to apply the knowledge I learnt at university to real world scenarios.
Alicia Kent - Former Graduate Program and Dream Big Scholarship Participant
The Graduate Program has taught me to say yes to every opportunity presented to me throughout my career. My mentor gave me this advice and I think it is invaluable as I have been pushed outside my comfort zone time and again since taking this on board.
Charlotte Caulfield - Former Graduate Program Participant

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