Suzana Jolak

Community Relations Manager

My Story

Putting smiles on people’s faces. That’s what Community Relations Manager, Suzana Jolak loves most about her job.

Diona welcomed Suzana into the company three years ago. She has spent most of her life working in the construction industry where she has worked hard to keep the lines of communication open between the company, its clients, and at times, thousands of stakeholders involved in its projects.

Suzana’s most recent project has involved the mammoth task of retrofitting waste water pipes in the busy CBD and Darlinghurst district of Sydney. This project has been especially challenging for reasons including the rocky ground, the heritage-protected infrastructure and the huge traffic flow. There were also 30,000 residents and businesses to be considered.

Suzana was at the heart of managing the needs and expectations of all parties, challenged by the diverse (and sometimes conflicting) needs and personalities of those involved. This included residents aged between a newborn baby that needed its naps, to local school students with exams to sit. That means there’s nothing typical about a day in the office.

“My day involves a lot of interaction with the community, dealing with customers, mentoring staff (which is great), and getting to teach them what I know,” Suzana said.

“Then there are progress meetings with the client, compiling monthly reports, interacting with the community and businesses operating within this environment, dealing with customers and informing them about what we’re doing; keeping them updated about progress and addressing any arising complaints or enquiries.”

But it’s the colleagues that help keep the ship running smoothly that Suzana loves most about her job.

“I love putting smiles on people’s faces. Making things happen and creating positive outcomes with the help of my team.

“In order to achieve positive outcomes and complete the project successfully, you have to carry out the work; and the work is often noisy and disruptive.

“So, you focus on what you can do to help. You assist wherever possible to ensure the level of discomfort and the impact of the works on the community are kept to a minimum.”

Suzana said that the unwavering support of Diona and her colleagues was what has helped her through the challenges that she has encountered thus far.

“I work with one of the best teams.

“At the end of the day, we work together as one. If one fails, we all fail. If one succeeds, we all succeed. I’ve been very lucky as I have been blessed to work alongside excellent teams.

“At Diona, each and every project that I have worked on, we have all pulled together and delivered.”

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