Mark Stumer

Executive General Manager - Health Safety Environment Community Quality

My Story

As the leader of the HSECQ function across the Calibre and Diona businesses, Mark Stumer is responsible for delivering a HSECQ Strategy which creates a safe working environment for all Diona employees.

Mark is passionate about positively influencing managers to assist in implementing safety initiatives, and strongly believes that by focussing on key indicators, long term safety outcomes improve.

"I've been working in health and safety for 25 years in senior and executive roles in multinational and global businesses for the last 12 years," Mark said.

"HSECQ is really important to Diona and our clients as well as the communities because, basically, it's our licence to operate."

Mark's aim is to standardise HSECQ practices across the business, and will also lead the implementation of a new HSECQ system which will be the cornerstone in reporting, evaluating, measuring and improving Health, Safety, Environment, Community and Quality outcomes.

In his professional and personal experience, engagement and collaboration has been central to Mark's delivery of sustainable outcomes on a continued basis.

Mark has seen a number of key changes over the last few years with a different approach in larger businesses to a movement called 'Safety Differently'.

"It's really focussing on the front-end risk management, engaging our people …. because they're doing the work everyday, they've got the knowledge and they can help us with any solutions to problems we may have.

"So if we engage our people around risk management, do the right things we'll be far better off in the long term."

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