Woolloomooloo Wastewater Stormwater Separation

Sydney Water Corporation

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Diona is assisting Sydney Water to separate the existing combined stormwater/wastewater system in the Woolloomooloo area in order to minimise pollution of the bay, preserve the ecological communities in the area, and maintain the health of surrounding residential properties and businesses on the Finger Wharf and foreshore.

The Woolloomooloo area consists of a diversion stormwater/wastewater system with seven interceptors, four of which divert flow to Woolloomooloo Bay. During wet weather events, the diversion system capacity is exceeded, resulting in wastewater discharge to Woolloomooloo Bay.

The current project aims to separate the existing combined system to create a fully separated wastewater and stormwater collection system for the area, thereby reducing the incidences of wet weather wastewater discharge to Woolloomooloo Bay.

The project area also includes major transport infrastructure such as the Sydney Trains Rail, Cross City Tunnel, and the Eastern Distributor.

A complex project requiring effective management of multiple challenges

Many challenges will need to be overcome during the project given the layout of the existing combined storm/waste water system, the close proximity of works to heritage buildings and structures, and the depth of the pipeline trenches adjacent large buildings and other structures.

The proposed network upgrade takes route through many heritage and environmentally sensitive areas. Specialist consultants will be engaged where required to permit the works in compliance with the final review of environmental factors document prepared for the project.

Diona will compile a project specific environmental management plan, method statements and risk assessments as required prior the commencement of the works on site.

Communications and community relations will be managed and delivered by both Sydney Water and Diona during the works. Early consultation with stakeholders will be imperative as the proposed works have a large impact on the local community and businesses.



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