Diona recognised in CCF NSW Peoples Awards

At the recent Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) NSW Peoples Awards, Stefan Jones and Joey O’Connor were awarded top honour within their respective categories; 

  • Stefan Jones – Safety Champion Category (Individual Award)
  • Joey O’Connor – Project Engineer under $2m.

During his 10 years of service at Diona, Stefan’s contribution has been instrumental. Under his role as Yard Manager, Stefan’s commitment has been highlighted through his ability to always being a team player and going above and beyond in his position to create new ideas and initiatives to help keep our people safe including:

  • Spotter box for confined space/deep excavation/ fall prevention
  • Safety/rescue trailer – equipped with First Aid, stretcher, fire extinguishers and tools
  • Quick Cut Saw Matrix
  • Saw demonstrations at safety breakfast workshops
  • Confined space training for the use of gas detectors, calibration and bump test
  • Plumb guard and working on metallic pipe training to prevent electrocution

Joey progressed to the role of a Project Engineer after gaining experience on delivering complex projects. His responsibilities in Diona are to set high standards and lead by example. He identifies safety, environmental and quality issues on site by completing weekly site inspection reports which are submitted to the supervisor to close out.

A “Stop for Safety” workshop was generated on site by Joey with all the onsite personnel, clients and sub-contractors. The aim of this workshop was to get the workers on site to stop and think about the way that a task will be completed and identify a safer way that daily tasks on site can be attained.

Other category finalists from Diona this year included:

  • Anna Andersons and Monica Tanyous – Women in Civil
  • Charlotte Lyndon and Tanya Aldenhoven – Administration Support
  • Ciaran McAleer – Safety Champion Category 1 (Safety Officer Award)
  • Josh Maltese – Project Engineer under $2m
  • Barry McGee – Project Manager under $2m

Congratulations to Stefan and Joey, along with our other Diona finalists! 

Pictured above: Joey O'Connor (left) Stefan Jones (right) accept awards.