Diona paves the way for Sydney's new airport

In late January, the Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities, The Honourable Paul Fletcher MP visited Diona’s Badgerys Creek site to hold a press conference announcing the commencement of construction for the new Western Sydney Airport.

Also present at the press conference were Michael Gatt, Executive General Manager of Works Delivery for TransGrid, Paul O’Sullivan, Chairman of Western Sydney Airport (WSA Co), Graham Millett, Executive General Manager of Airport Infrastructure at WSA Co and Tim Kelly, NSW General Manager for Diona.

According to Mr O’Sullivan, the new Western Sydney International Airport delivers some very significant benefits. “This $5 billion project will drive thousands of new jobs and strong economic growth in the Western Sydney area. For Western Sydney residents – and indeed, for Sydneysiders generally – it creates competition and choice compared to Sydney’s existing, only airport. It also makes sure that Sydney does not run out of capacity for new flights, and future-proofs Sydney,” said Mr O’Sullivan.

Tim Kelly, NSW General Manager said that there was a significant amount of infrastructure works which needed to be completed in the immediate vicinity of the airport precinct, prior to the development of the airport site itself.

“Diona is pleased to be working with TransGrid to assist in the relocation of a 3.2km section of an existing 330kV single circuit transmission line, which is the first step to enable the commencement of further infrastructure works,” he said. 

The relocation must take place before the next phase of construction works can begin which will include the removal of 22 million cubic metres of earth.

The airport is set to open in 2026.